Alexander Technique
lessons with
Claire Rechnitzer

Much like musical-instrument instruction or driving lessons, Alexander Technique is best supported by a course of private lessons. The number of lessons required depends upon your initial condition and personal goals. I also teach a group class which offers students an introduction to the background and basic principles of the technique.

Lesson fees: Lessons are 40 to 45 minutes long and must be scheduled at least once a week.  I encourage beginning students to schedule lessons more frequently and offer a discount for those that do ($10 off per each additional lesson in any given week). My standard fee is $55 per lesson, or $500 for a pre-paid course of ten lessons, I do however reserve space in my weekly schedule for a limited number of reduced fee lessons for dedicated students in need.

What happens during a lesson? During an Alexander Technique lesson, the teacher uses explanation and gentle guiding touch to direct the student through simple, familiar movements such as sitting, bending and walking.  You will learn to how to direct your own body mass against your supporting surface (the ground, floor or chair) to effectively oppose the downward pull of gravity. Students experience this as lightness, composure, increased energy and alertness — often from the very first lesson. During a portion of each lesson, the student lies on his or her back on a padded table. The student remains fully clothed while the teacher gently moves the student’s limbs and head. You will learn to practice this active-resting state to release tension and encourage muscular expansion that allows for easier breathing, movement, circulation and digestion. Some lesson time may be dedicated to particular needs such as health issues, work-related challenges or leisure activities.

What should I wear? As we will be exploring movement, students should wear comfortable, non-constricting clothing. Women generally prefer to wear pants rather than skirts to permit lying on a table or mat during the lesson. Working without shoes is beneficial, clean socks are appreciated.

How do I schedule a lesson? The easiest thing is to call me at 513.373.7396. If I can't pick up your call, leave me a message telling me the best time to reach you. You may also email me at Either way, I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about your situation, the technique or my qualifications.

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