Alexander Technique
lessons with
Claire Rechnitzer
The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) has launched its new informative and user-friendly website. Check it out!

Aptly named, The Complete Guide to The Alexander Technique offers information, resources and services for Technique students, teachers and the curious. 

Watch rare footage of F.M. Alexander teaching, courtesy of The Alexander Trust.

The Alexander Technique Guild of Ohio

Mouritz a source for a variety of Alexander Technique Books

Alexander, Prince of Denmark

If it be done now, ‘twill soon be overdone;

if it not be done, ‘tmay be done nevermore;

if ‘tis just not done, yet some done-for sparrow will fall for’t;

Since no man has aught of what he doth, what is’t to come undone betimes?

The readiness is all……

From The Faulty Standard Alexander Technique levity.

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